Monday, March 14, 2011

Back to Schoooool, Back to Schoooool...

The time has arrived where the week long "spring break" is over, and the classes begin again.  I can't say I mind though, because other than two awesome gigs and a super-awesome rehearsal at a recording studio with my band, Beacon James (more on this to come), the week off didn't contain much of anything to do besides, well, nothing.  Though I must say that it was very nice to be home for a week.  And now, counting today, there are only 7 weeks left of classes -- sounds pretty simple to me.

Though I enjoy the aspect of school and learning more about my passion, it is hard for me to be here sometimes.  I normally head to school in the morning for class, eat and practice on breaks and after class, and then head back to the "dorm" in which I live in.  Now this is where things get a bit -- blah.  There are things that go down here that really shouldn't be going down, and quite frankly, the maturity level is pretty low.  I know I can act like a crazy guy, but I think that is a bit different than what I have to constantly put up with.  Which is how I find time to sit here and write this, besides when I am awake at un-humanly hours... Staying nice and locked away in my room.  At least it allows me to get stuff done when I need to I suppose.

Alright -- enough ranting.  On a more exciting note, by good pals Mike Corcoran and Pat Moran came and picked me up after class and we headed off to Guitar Center.  It was great to see people who I can stand to be around and also a go to a big ol' music shop.  Spent my time talking about drums and playing numerous kits -- dreaming about cymbals and maybe drooling over them. (Ok -- didn't really drool, so don't worry.)  But when it was all said and done it turned out to be a pretty good evening. 

Now I am back here in my room -- on lockdown -- and I felt that writing here would be a good thing to do.  With only 7 weeks left of class, I am pretty excited to get to work and get it done.  This week though, I am heading back to Chippewa Falls/Eau Claire on Thursday for a St. Patrick's Day gig at The Fire House in Eau Claire.  (Not an actual fire house anymore -- it is now a bar.) THEN -- I get to head back here to the cities on Friday for another gig at the 7th Street Entry/First Ave.  So I am pretty excited for the weekend once again. And then just like that there will then be only 6 weeks left until summer.

Well, with that being said, I think it is time do sit down (or stay seated rather) and get some compositions done.  Hopefully one day I will have something interesting to write about and then you might enjoy reading what I ramble on about.  Until then -- stay classy.

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